Chris McNeill Trail Steward Award

CMBC takes its stewardship role seriously.  We know that trails neither build nor maintain themselves.  While we are lucky we to live in a city with a dedicated trail crew, we also know that they can’t do everything.  Every year Yukon mountain bikers put their sweat equity into building and maintaining the trails we ride.  To say thanks and to acknowledge this hard work, the Trail Fairy Award was established in 2013.  In 2015, this award was named in memory and honour of Chris McNeill, a long-time member of the mountain bike community who made huge contributions building trails such as El Camino and Hula Girl. We would like to thank Challenger Geomatics for sponsoring this award.

Each season we ask mountain bikers to nominate a person they think should be recognized for his or her work.

These are the CMBC Trail Fairies:

2013 – Paul Gowdie

2014 – Paul Burbidge

2015 – Anthony DeLorenzo

2016 – Carrie Burbidge

2017 – Josh de la Salle

2018 – Jan Polivka and Marcus Wattereus

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