Public Meeting – Whitehorse Regional Parks Plan

The below message was received in the CMBC mailbox so we are passing it on to you!

The City of Whitehorse created five new regional parks in 2010:

  • Chadburn Lake Park
  • McIntyre Creek Park
  • Paddy’s Pond-Ice Lake Park
  • McLean Lake Park
  • Wolf Creek Park

Now we have the opportunity to envision what we want these Parks to be! 

Why is this an exciting opportunity?

All said, over 30% of the total City area is now designated as a Regional Park.  In fact, did you know that:

More importantly, these Parks embody many of the values, features, and experiences which make Whitehorse such a desirable community to live, work, and play in.

So…how can you get involved?

Next week, Tuesday March 11th (7-9 pm), we will be hosting our first public engagement event.

Have you ever been part of a ‘World Café‘?  If not, you are in for a treat!  RSVP to and see event details online.

All welcome!  Please spread the word.

John Glynn-Morris
Project Lead

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