King of the (Rocky) Canyon – Coronation

We have a new Mountain Bike Royal Court after another successful King of the Canyon race.

King of the Canyon: Craig Machtans
Queen of the Canyon: Kristenn Magnusson
Prince of the Canyon (short course): Fabien Florentin
Princess of the Canyon (short course): Miriam Lukszova

Winner of the hot lap prime: Jonathan Kerr
U-17 winner: Ian Hansen

2014 Yukon MTB Champs! The winners are real, the photo only partly so (yes, I badly photo-shopped Fabien in).

It was a great day of racing on a tough course that unfortunately ended in rain and with a few racers missing a crucial point on the course that we could have flagged more clearly. Kudos to all racers for dealing with that with class and respect.

In addition to the winners, three shout outs for awesome performances today to go:

1.  Daniel Phillips-Freedman who, at the age of 8, had a great race and finished the 25km course in a time of just over 3 hours.
2.  Meagan Wilson and Sammy Salter who made the Queen race super fun to watch by pushing KMag right to the end.
3.  Dan Bedard, our red lantern winner and Kris Gardner who helped him change his flat.

Thank you again to all the volunteers – those who committed in advance and those who helped immensely on the day of: Kristenn Magnusson, Sammy Salter, Jonathan Kerr, Marcus Watterreus, Evan Wise, Jeremie Matrishon, Valérie Girard, Mario Villeneuve, Kris Gardner, Guillaume Levesque, Steve Hahn, Margi Paszkowska, Tamara Goeppel, David Pharand, Monika Melnychuk, Cara Lee, Lake Apted, and everyone else I’ve very likely forgotten.  Big thanks as well to the City of Whitehorse for setting up the fire pit and the recycling station.  Even bigger thanks to the Whitehorse Hash House Harriers who ran the busy and, I understand popular, aid station at the Crossroads junction.  Honestly, these events can’t run without people willing to lend and hand and everyone was amazing today.

Full results are below.

Long course:

Name Lap 1 Finish time
1 Craig Machtans 1:08:00 2:48:33
2 Jonathan Kerr 1:11:00 2:55:03
3 Thane Phillips 1:08:00 2:57:11
4 Aaron Foos 1:08:00 3:00:45
5 Kristenn Magnusson 1:18:00 3:11:04
6 Meagan Wilson 1:16:00 3:12:02
7 Sammy Salter 1:19:00 3:16:11
8 Scott Kerby 1:16:00 3:20:44
9 Jeni Rudisill 1:26:00 3:43:42
10 Evan Wise 1:17:00 3:43:50
10 Geof Harries 1:33:00 3:43:50
12 Kris Gardner 1:57:00 5:07:24
13 Dan Bedard 1:51:00 5:07:30
Finn Matrishon 1:15:00 2:34:00 DQ
David Gonda 1:02:00 2:38:37 DQ
Jonah Clark 1:02:00 2:44:00 DQ
Chip Paldy 1:15:00 DNF
Jonathan Zender 1:17:00 DNF
Mario Villeneuve 1:42:00 DNF

Short course:

Name Finish time
1 Fabien Florentin 1:36:24
2 Chris Rider 1:41:40
3 Steve Coventry 1:44:53
4 Miriam Lukszova 1:50:52
5 Lance Scoville 1:59:00
6 Kirsten Hogan 2:01:15
7 Sara Burke-Forsyth 2:06:35
8 Kristina Mercs 2:08:49
9 Sandro Holzinger 2:08:50
10 Ian Hansen 2:34:30
11 Tammy Reis 2:34:40
12 Daniel Phillips-Freedman 3:09:52
13 Ross Phillips 3:09:54
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