Trail Maintenance

Whitehorse and the surrounding area is home to a world-class trail network, and some periodic maintenance is required to retain the trail integrity.

The City of Whitehorse maintains a number of the trails, but CMBC is an active partner in trail maintenance as well. We run a number of trail maintenance sessions throughout the summer (Facebook page for those details), but we also  encourage all of our members to contribute to minor maintenance on their own rides/walks and report it on Trail Forks. Participating is easy and it’s a great way to contribute to the trails you ride. After all, building and riding comes with stewardship responsibility.

When you ride, take a pair of garden snippers and a folding saw with you, and consider:

*    Clearing any deadfall or blowdown that is blocking the trail at least 2 metres off the side of the trail, when it is safe for you to do so
*    Placing any cleared deadfall to the side of the trail and, where applicable, place to block off any “ride around” routes that may have formed so that the singletrack stays single!
*    Trimming back any vegetation that is encroaching on the trail corridor
*    Making note of any significant drainage or erosion issues and their locations
*    Packing out any litter
*    Checking for any missing or damaged signage

Thanks to all users for helping to maintain our amazing trails!  If you have up to date trail conditions for any trails, please leave a post on the ‘Yukon Mountain Biking’ facebook group or contact CMBC’s Director of Trails.  Remember to be patient with the trails as they dry out each spring; let’s minimize unnecessary damage by only riding those that are ready to go and staying off those that aren’t.

If you have contributed some time to maintaining trails outside of a CMBC maintenance event, please help us by tracking your time through the TrailForks application.  Simply select the trail and create a Trail Report.  Near the end it will ask for volunteer effort, and this record of time allows us to accurately gauge the volunteer time that CMBC contributes to trail maintenance, an important metric in our partnerships and applications!

CMBC conducts trail maintenance under a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Whitehorse, which can be found here.

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