Medicine Chest Dirt Girls

The Medicine Chest Dirt Girls rides are group rides for any cyclist who is born as or who identifies as a woman. For summer 2019 we are offering Dirt Girl rides on Tuesday evenings at 7pm. Dirt Girl rides are meant to be fun and supportive. Theyare a great way to meet other riders and learn local trails.

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2019 Event Schedule – 2020 Updates coming soon!

May 14: Chardburn Blue, Chadburn Ski Trails Parking lot

May 21: Grey Mountain Boogaloos, meet at Magnusson Parking lot

May 28: TBD, Mt Mac

July 4: Sidewinder, Quickie, Blair Witch, Icy Lake, Hillcrest Drive, Yellow gate.

July 11: 24HOL- Biathlon Parking lot on left, top of Yellow Brick Road Trail

June 18: Rabbit’s Foot Canyon Ride. MacIntyre Creek- Start at pump house off College Road 

June 25: tbd, copperbelt railway and mining museum, north on Alaska Hwy

July 2:  Quickie, Blair Witch, Circyus, Icy Lake, meet at the Yellow gate on Adit Lane (Copper Ridge)

July 9: No shirt No service, Jula Girl, Hilarious, Hospital Ridge, Meet at Magnusson Ski Trails Parking Lot

July 16:  tbd, Mt Mac Parking Lot

July 23: tbd, meet biathlon parking lot on left, top of Yellow Brick Road Trail

July 30: tbd, meet at the yellow gate at the end of the street

August 6: tbd, meet Chadburn Lake ski trails parking lot

August 13: Old 24HOL Course, meet at Copperbelt Railway & Mining Museum

August 20: Payback/Easy Money, meet at Upper Grey Mountain Lookout (shuttle) 

August 27: Season Finale Blown Away Shuttle, meet at Robert Service Way Hwy Pullout (shuttle)


How it works

Every week we ride a new trail (or trails). From the trail head meeting spot we split up into 3 groups – advanced, intermediate and beginner. The advanced group is for riders with a fair amount of experience and technical skills, the intermediate group will typically follow the same trail route as the advanced but at a slightly reduced pace and the beginner level group is for riders who prefer a more leisurely pace. Switching between groups can happen week to week depending on who is leading and how you as a rider are feeling on any particular day. Rides average 1h40min in length.

As the season goes on, the groups tend to merge and evolve, especially when we start riding more advanced trails towards the end of the summer. If you are joining in mid season have no fear, with the 3 levels always riding you will be able to keep up.

All rides start at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted, and will plan to start on Tuesday May 7th, as trail conditions allow.

If you want to group ride with the club you need to be a member, and PLEASE bring your membership number to each ride!

We are also looking for riders who would like to be LEADERS. If you are confident at navigating the trails, and have a favourite loop you’d like to share, please email us or respond to our recruitment calls on the ‘Dirt Girls – CMBC’ Facebook page.

Last but not least, we are grateful to the Medicine Chest for their sponsorship. It allows us to offer weekly rides for free, and covers our advertising and insurancecosts. Thank you Medicine Chest!


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