Grey Mountain

There are a few general meeting places on Grey Mountain:

Bottom of Grey Mountain – Turn off Alsek Road onto the Grey Mountain Road.  Before you start ascending Grey Mountain Road, you’ll see a trailhead and a small parking area to your left.

Magnusson Parking Lot – Once you start climbing Grey Mountain Road, you will pass the cemetery on your left.  Keep going and you’ll get to a parking lot on your left with a City of Whitehorse trailhead sign.

Upper Magnusson Parking Lot/Biathlon Parking Lot – Once you’ve passed Magnusson parking lot, you’ll see a small building with a tower on your right, and a parking lot on your left.  This is immediately before Biathlon Yukon.

Grey Mountain Lookout – Past the Biathlon and Firing range you’ll come to a large parking area/lookout.  This is where the trailhead for the Upper Grey Mountain Trails is.  It is also the end of the maintained road.

Grey Mountain Towers – The road ends at the Grey Mountain towers/helicopter pad.  This is the access point if you are shuttling Money Shot. Note that the road beyond the Grey Mountain Lookout is not maintained and is very narrow in some spots (4 wheel drive strongly recommended). Spots to turn around are limited and the road can be very rough.

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