Grey Mountain

There are a few general meeting places on Grey Mountain:

Bottom of Grey Mountain – Turn off Alsek Road onto the Grey Mountain Road.  Before you start ascending Grey Mountain Road, you’ll see a trailhead and a small parking area to your left.

Magnusson Parking Lot – Once you start climbing Grey Mountain Road, you will pass the cemetery on your left.  Keep going and you’ll get to a parking lot on your left with a City of Whitehorse trailhead.

Upper Magnusson Parking Lot/Biathlon Parking Lot – Once you’ve passed Magnusson parking lot, you’ll see a small building with a tower on your right, and a parking lot on your left.  This is immediately before Biathlon Yukon.

Grey Mountain Lookout – Past the Biathlon and Firing range you’ll come to a large parking area/lookout.  This is where the trailhead for the Upper Grey Mountain Trails is.  It is also the end of the maintained road.

Grey Mountain Towers – The road ends at the Grey Mountain towers/helicopter pad.  This is the access point if you are shuttling Money Shot.

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