AGM November 6

The CMBC AGM will take place on November 6 at 7:00 pm at the Old Firehall in Whitehorse, Yukon.

As with last year, the event will include a celebration of our year, along with the official meeting.

Details will be posted as they are finalized.


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SLAMFEST is happening Sept 12/13!

The Yukon’s premiere DH event is coming soon to Mt.Sima!

SLAMFEST is on SLAMFEST 2015 PosterSept 12 & 13th!

Location: Mount Sima
Registration: 11:30 to 12 noon
Practice: 12 to 1pm 
Race Start: 1:45pm

Saturday Sept 12 Events:
Race location = Righty Tighty
Kids Course = free
BBQ, Lounge, Music, Prizes!

Sunday Sept 13 Events:
Race location = Lefty Loosey
Demo a Swing Bike!
BBQ, Lounge, Music, Prizes!

Race package includes lift ticket + race entry! $40 for one day, $65 for both days!

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Yukon MTB Championships

The Yukon Royal Court has been crowned for 2015.  This year’s Yukon King and Queen of the Canyon are:


The 2015 King and Queen of the Canyon: David and Meagan

King of the Canyon: David Gonda
Queen of the Canyon: Meagan Wilson
Prince of the Canyon (short course): Craig Machtans
Princess of the Canyon (short course): Trish Steele

Thank-you to all the people who came out to race (we had 40 participants) and to everyone who put the event together: Kris Gardner and Heather LeDuc on behalf of the CMBC Board, Alex Sokolon, Wendy Sokolon, Steve Hahn, Sammy Salter, Jo Lukawitski and anyone else whose name I have inadvertently missed.  We do really appreciate your help!  Once again this year we were really stoked to have the aid station provided by the Whitehorse Hash House Harriers.

Full results are below.

Long course (50km):

Name Finish Time
1 David Gonda 2:37:18
2 Rob McConnell 2:44:54
3 Ian Parker 2:49:08
4 James Minifie 2:51:18
5 Sean McCarron 3:00:31
6 Brad Barton 3:05:25
7 Ryan Rice 3:07:00
8 Aaron Foos 3:08:20
9 Shea Hoffman 3:11:10
10 Scott Kerby 3:12:07
11 Joel Macht 3:15:26
11 Steven Ball 3:15:26
13 Tony Painter 3:17:24
14 Meagan Wilson 3:24:52
15 Sammy Salter 3:32:00
16 Kirsten Hogan 4:00:00
17 Jamie Phillips-Freedman 4:28:00
Josh DeCloet DNF

Short Course (25km):

Name Finish Time
1 Craig Machtans 1:25:55
2 Evan Wise 1:32:50
3 Phil Hoffman 1:40:00
4 Dan Shier 1:42:23
5 Jeff Lister 1:43:16
6 Brad Heron 1:45:15
7 Chris Rider 1:48:59
8 Jason Steele 1:50:38
9 Tricia Steele 1:54:38
10 Sandro Holzinger 1:57:41
11 Ben Lochridge 2:02:07
12 Thaidra Sloane 2:06:26
13 Alex Sokolon 2:30:28
14 Daniel Phillips-Freedman 2:32:25
15 Ross Phillips 2:32:28
16 Travis Schommer 2:40:28
17 Jill Buxton 2:43:10
18 Elizabeth MacKay 3:09:47
18 Monique Hunkeler 3:09:47
19 Jenn Roberts 3:29:30
19 Val Girard 3:29:30
19 Margi Paszkowska 3:29:30
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Icycle Enduro – August 22


Icycle Sport is putting on its amazing enduro this Saturday, August 22nd.   With a course designed by Jonah Clark, you know it’s going to be wicked fun – and include most of Grey Mountain.
A Course (timed segments): Money Shot, Easy Money, More Money/Payback, B&S, South Paw, El Camino, Downtown Boogaloo, Mother T, Boogaloo/Lower Boogaloo.

B Course (timed segments): Easy Money, More Money/Payback, B&S, South Paw, Downtown Boogaloo, Boogaloo/Lower Boogaloo.

Registration goes 9-9:45 at Icycle Sports; with pre-race briefing at 9:45.  Best part of this enduro?  It starts with a shuttle at 10:00 am.

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Carcranked Enduro


The Carcranked Enduro is set for Sunday, August 16th in Carcross,Yukon at 11:00 am.


Registration will open at 10:30 at the Carcross Commons area.  Cost for registration is $10 for CMBC members and $20 for non-members.  Registration is open for 12 plus, but 12-18 years olds must have a parent to sign their race waiver.   Racers 12-16 should enter the Intermediate course unless accompanied during the race by an adult.


There will be an Advanced and Intermediate Course.  The Advanced Course will involve 2 self-powered trips up the mountain to do Nares, Caribou, Porcupine, AK DNR, Holey Roads, Upper/Lower Wolverine and Fox.  The Intermediate Course will involve one trip up the mountain to do Nares, Caribou, Porcupine, AK DNR.

Aid Stations:

There will be two aid stations on the course at the Upper Wolverine Parking Lot and at the bottom of AK DNR.  Ski Patrol will also have patrollers on course.

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It’s a Mt.Sima weekend!!

Get your gear and grab your friends – head to Mt. Sima this weekend for another amazing weekend of downhill rippin’ this weekend – both Saturday and Sunday the chairlift is running from 12-5pm!


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Monday Toonie Race

Monday Toonie Race!  Meet at 7pm at Mt Mac for another amazing opportunity to push yourself and test your abilities!  Come a bit early to register, pay $2 and show your proof of membership. Be sure to give our volunteer race organizers a high five and have a blast rippin’ it up!  If you rode KCIBR on the weekend this will be the perfect recovery!! ;)

(Meeting place is at the skills park at Mt Mac, 7pm start time)

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24 Hours of Light Race Information

Alright folks, here is your “Everything I ever wanted to know about the 24 Hours of Light but was afraid to ask” post.

First of all, this is the 15th annual running of the event and I just want to give a little shout out to everyone who has ever been involved in making the 24HOL a reality.  From the days of this thing being run out of the Riverdale Cycle bike shop or by VeloNorth, this event has grown in leaps and bounds and it’s all due to love of the sport and of our awesome Yukon summer weekends.  Plus of course there are you dedicated riders – thanks for being awesome!

Next weekend’s details:

1.  Registration:
$95 per rider, $20 off if you are a CMBC member
$10 extra if you sign up after June 22
Registration closes on June 25, 11:59pm
More info in this previous post

2. No dogs allowed on course or anywhere in the Biathlon Yukon area
The good news is that we have partnered with Sunshine Canines to offer those who are registered for the 24 Hours of Light a discount for their services from noon Saturday June 27 to noon Sunday June 28.  Get in touch with Karen if your pooch needs some care during the race.

3. Camping
Camping on-site is available and RVs will be allowed into the start/finish area of the course at Biathlon Yukon.  However, if you want to park inside the gates you need to go up to the site between 9am and 10:30am.  After that, the gates close and you will only be able to get out again after noon on Sunday.  Please note that the yellow areas on Grey Mountain Road are no-parking zones.  You should have received an email with more detailed instructions and the below image.  If you haven’t and you need this – please get in touch.

4.  Food & Water
There will be some food provided at the race (a late night BBQ and a light breakfast) but we encourage you to bring whatever sustenance you need to get through the whole 24 hours.  There is no water available onsite so you must bring your own water.

5. Youth and Run-bike races
The youth race will be on a shorter course and will run from 12 noon-8pm.  Registration is online, just like the grown-ups.  See the 24 Hours of Light site and click on the orange sign up button!  The run-bike race will start at 3pm and registration is onsite.  No charge for the run-bike festivities.

6. The course
This year’s course will be very similar to, and possibly exactly the same as, last year’s.  Our highly talented and very speedy duo of Sammy and Josh will be flagging the course starting Wednesday next week.  For a visual, see below.  For those of you who prefer a verbal description of where you’ll be riding next weekend, the course begins and ends at Biathlon Yukon.  You will ride down Yellow Brick Road and then head over to Magnusson Green, Woodcutter’s Road, Midtown Boogaloo, Go-T and Mother-Tucker.  It’s approximately 12km in length and includes single and double-track.
24HOL Course

7.  Captains’ Meeting & Film Night

There will be a mandatory captains’ meeting on Friday June 26th at the Beringia Centre.  Meeting is at 6:30pm.  At least one person from each team must be there to pick up race packages/swag, listen to the rules and other useful information about the event and ensure that your timing chips are working.  All team members are welcome to attend.

Following the meeting, there will be a showing of the film unReal from Teton/Anthill Films.  This film tour has just started and Whitehorse is one of the first cities to be screening it!  Tickets are $12 each and can be purchased at Sports Experts in advance or at the door.  It helps us out though if you are able to buy them before the night of the show. There will be beer and pizza available starting at 7pm as well as some door prizes!  All proceeds from this event will go to CMBC so bring your friends!

8.  Jerseys and posters
Both will be for sale at the captains’ meeting.  $85 for a jersey, $75 for a limited print of the 24 HOL poster featuring the 24 unique bicycles. These prints are large high quality giclees and fit in ribba frame from Ikea.







9.  Volunteers
We still  need ’em.  We need people to help with timing, parking, and food prep.  If you volunteer, you will be entered to win a bicycle.  That’s right folks, Icycle Sport has donated a Kona Humuhumu as a volunteer draw prize.  So get on it!  Wander over here to sign up:

10.  Sponsors
They are listed last here but they certainly are not least.  These organizations have been amazing to CMBC and to this event.  Icycle Sport is our title sponsor and has provided us with a significant financial contribution, including the volunteer draw prize.  When you visit these businesses around town, please take the time to say thank-you.


Last words:

  • Race is noon-noon.
  • Bring your own bowl/utensils to help make the event as green as we can.
  • There will be free coffee onsite so bring your own mug.
  • Costumes encouraged!
  • Bring cash for the beer garden.
  • Parking is limited. Carpool if you can, bike up, or have someone drop you off if possible.
  • No dogs.
  • No lights.
  • No complaining.
  • Wheeeeeeeee bikes!


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Mountain Bike Film Fundraiser Friday June 26th!

Friday June 26th, 8pm

Sports Experts is hosting a fundraiser for CMBC at the Beringia Centre.

…and it’s going to be UNREAL!!  Everyone welcome, get your tickets in advance! 

The movie is unReal from Teton/Anthill Films – and you don’t want to miss seeing it on the big screen, it is the most anticipated mountain bike film of the year!  The film tour has just started so we will be some of the lucky first viewers!  It is a feature length film, approx 1.5hrs.

Here’s a little bit about the film:

“unReal is for those of us who escape. A film that celebrates breaking free from the confines of reality and venturing into a boundless world. This place isn’t remote or hard to find, and yet many never see it. Here, glacial walls transform into mountain bike trails, rain and snow aren’t the only elements to fall from the sky and thousand pound mammals become riding partners. Breathtaking visuals conjure feelings of awe and pure joy; feelings that only those of us who venture outside can truly understand. This film is dedicated to you—the dreamers, the rule-breakers, the ones who never grow up, the ones who know the secret—the ones who know the way into the unReal world.”

Watch the Trailer:    UNREAL film trailer from Teton Gravity!

Movie starts at 8pm, but come early for pizza and beer (7pm)… mmm.

Tickets are on sale at Sports Experts for $12, get yours TODAY!

Your ticket gets you entered for door prizes – some of which are coming from Yukon Brewing, oh yeah!!

If you are attending the 24HOL Captains Meeting at 6:30 then stick around for the film too – same night, same location, additional dose of awesome to get you stoked for the ride of your life!

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Deadlines for signing up for the 24 Hours of Light

There is so much going on in Whitehorse at this time of year it is easy to lose track of the fact that the 24 Hours of Light will be here in a mere 13 days!

It helps us put together race packages and create timing profiles when people sign up early.  So we are offering a draw prize of a $50 gift certificate to Sanchez Cantina for all riders who sign up by midnight tonight, June 14th.  Why not sign up early and be entered in a draw for tasty Mexican food?

Other registration details are as follows:

Adult registration – $95 ($20 discount for CMBC members)
Youth registration (under 17) – $40
Run bike registration – $5 (registration is same day of event)

Registration fees include a midnight dinner, morning breakfast, eligibility for all prizes, a 24 HOL t-shirt, and a camping spot for June 27th on site.

A $10 surcharge will be applied for registrations between June 23-26. And registration closes on Thursday June 25th at 11:59pm.

Same day registration will be cash only and with no CMBC discount available.  Same day registrants must join a team that is short a member (eg: join a team with only 7 people) or race solo.  Same day registrants may not get tshirts and they will not be eligible for all prizes.

So do yourself (and the club!) a favour by getting your self registered soon.  Like now.  Just click on over here:!/events/24-hours-of-light-2015

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