Ride dates at Mt Sima for 2014
























Get ready to ride!  July 19th is the first day Mt Sima is open to mountain bikers this season.  If you are a CMBC member you get a great discount on the price of the lift ticket so come on out and enjoy some chairlift assisted DH riding this summer!

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Four Race Series to start July 23

Yukon Brewing Twoonie Races are back!  Tune yourself up for the upcoming Dirt Rush series and especially for this year’s King of the Canyon mountain bike championships by coming out and testing yourself on these courses.

Races will alternate between the Chadburn and Mt McIntyre loops that have been used in previous years and, as always, all levels of ability are welcome and encouraged.  No matter how fast you ride, a race is always a great opportunity to push yourself to see if you can go just that little bit faster.


Racing on the Mt Mac trails – 2011

All of the details and dates are in the Event Calendar and you can find course maps and more information under the Races tab on our website.   First race: July 23 at the Chadburn Lake Ski Trails.  Because it is a lap format, no dogs will be allowed on course.

Hope to see you all out there!

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All the details you need for this year’s 24 Hours of Light


Only four more sleeps until this year’s 24 Hours of Light Mountain Bike Festival!  If you haven’t been following the facebook page for the event there are some important things you need to know.

First of all, the event this year is in a new location!  We will be basing the fun out of the Biathlon Yukon facility on Grey Mountain.  Yes, you can still camp onsite if you need to catch a few zzzz’s as the 24 hours wear on but we still encourage staying up and riding/hanging out all night long.

The Yukon way may be to sign up for things at the last minute but we would REALLY appreciate it if you could register as soon as possible.  Remember that one of the benefits of being a cmbc member is that you get $25 off the entry fee.  By asking you to register in advance we aren’t trying to be uptight; we’re just trying to organize a pretty big event and make it all run smoothly.  Knowing how many people we are going to have helps us put together race packages, timing lists and generally know what to expect.  So get your team together and register!  Registration closes at MIDNIGHT (23:59pm) on Thursday June 26th.  Super-whiners can beg for late registration at Friday’s captains’ meeting but you will have to endure some good-natured humiliation and an extra fee.

Captains’ meeting is at 7pm on Friday at the Biathlon Parking area on Grey Mountain Road.  There will be signs.  One person per team is to attend.  Snacks and beverages will be provided.  This is where you pick up your race package.

The course is just over 11km.  You can see it on Strava here.  It is a loop that includes Yellow Brick Road, Magnusson Green, Woodcutter’s Road, Midtown Boogaloo, Go-T and Mother-Tucker.  Not only do we have the regular race this year but we also have an under-17 race and a run bike race for the littlest rippers.  $60 for U17 and $5 for the run bike.  Run bikers and their parents can show up and pay cash; U17 need to register in advance just like the big kids.

We have a bunch of really great prizes and sponsors this year.  If you are keen on winning awesome stuff, you can do so by winning the solo (men and women) division, by having the best costume, by being the team with the most laps, or by volunteering.  To be honest, there will be other fabulous random prizes awarded too but if you come to compete, we will reward you.

For thirsty riders or for thirsty spectators, there will be a beer garden at this year’s festival.  Come and enjoy a beverage starting at 6pm.

We have awesome 24HOL jerseys for sale too!  Designed by local but internationally successful artist Monika Melnychuk there are a limited number of these available. $100. Come on – how cute is the caribou on the sleeve?!


Other stuffs:

  • Race is noon-noon.
  • Run bike race is at 3:30pm.
  • Bring your own bowl/utensils to help make the event as green as we can.
  • There will be free coffee onsite so bring your own mug.
  • BBQ at 10pm and breakfast at 8am but bring enough to sustain yourself for 24 hours.
  • Costumes encouraged and a prize will be awarded for the best.
  • Bring cash for the fish n’ chips truck as well as the beer garden.
  • Parking is limited. Carpool if you can, bike up, or have someone drop you off if possible.
  • Bring your own water.
  • No dogs.
  • No lights.
  • No complaining.

It’s going to be another crazy-fun year of 24 hour racing in the Yukon.  See you Saturday!

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We’re doing it again!

CMBC is pleased to be able to provide a bonus session of Grant’s beginner mountain biking skills clinic for summer 2014!  The clinic content is the same as the one we described back in the spring and which has been running on Monday nights and has been incredibly popular.  This particular series is only open to adult CMBC members who have never participated in any of our “Grant’s clinics”.

The series will have four sessions compressed into two weeks.

Monday, June 16 (meet at 6pm to register at the S.S. Klondike)
Thursday, June 19 (meet at 6:30pm at the S.S. Klondike)
Monday, June 23
Thursday, June 26

Attendance at the first session is mandatory to attend the rest of the clinic, and attendance at every session is strongly recommended.

You must bring:

- proof of CMBC membership with membership number (either print your card or bring it on your phone to show us)
- $25 cash or cheque
- mountain bike
- helmet

Once again, if you have taken Grant’s clinic before, this one is not for you – we want to provide an opportunity to those who have never taken it. You can be a CMBC member brand new to mountain biking or you may have some experience but you want to brush up on the basics.  Questions may be sent to info@cmbcyukon.ca and all you have to do to register is show up at the SS Klondike.

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Get Mt Sima Ready for Bike Season

We’ve got some really great news about riding at Mt Sima this summer.  After a number of meetings with the Friends of Sima, CMBC has agreed to contribute some hard dollars and hard work to get the hill open for a few weekends of riding this year.  We know that not a lot of our members have come, traditionally, from the DH mountain biking community and we are working hard to make something happen for gravity-seeking riders this year.


Photo: Paul Gowdie

In order to operate Sima in the summer months, there are basic costs that need to be covered – primarily power for the chairlift and costs for staff.  There is also a lot of work to be done to make the trails ready to ride.  This is where the DH community comes in.  We need volunteers to help build/improve the trails and some infrastructure.  The first thing that has to happen is that we need a minimum of 5 people for 2 days (or 10 people for 1 day each) to put together the landing pad at the top of the chairlift.  We don’t have to construct it from scratch; there’s no sawing or anything like that involved.  It just has to be assembled.  This work weekend is being organized for June 14 and 15.  This work weekend has been rescheduled to July 5 and 6.

Josh de la Salle is organizing volunteers and he really needs your help.  If you want to ride Sima this summer, please come out and put your sweat behind your desires. If we can’t get volunteers to make this happen, Sima won’t be opening for bikes.

Minimum requirements for volunteers:

- Steel toe boots (some available to borrow)
- Able to lift materials
- Must bring own lunch and drinks

Contact Josh for more details or email info@cmbcyukon.ca

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Downhill Clinic with Lorraine Blancher

NEW DATES!  The Dirt Girls DH camp with coach Lorraine Blancher is a go! We’re bringing Lorraine up from BC for a two-day camp the weekend of July 5 and 6 July 26th and 27th. Local coach Kate White has also been recruited.

The camp will be for two levels of riders. The “beginner” level will be for strong beginner to intermediate riders who feel comfortable riding the downhills on trails like Southpaw. The second level will be for more advanced riders who comfortably descend trails like Girlfriend and SFD. The cost of the camp will be $350 (CMBC members only). This includes two full days of instruction in Whitehorse and Carcross, plus lunches, snacks and shuttles up the mountains. This price is comparable to weekend camps outside the Yukon but we’re bringing the amazing instructors to the Yukon! Big thanks to CMBC member Deanna who brought the idea to the CMBC board and has helped make this event happen.

Note: Full suspension bikes are required. Full face helmets are strongly recommended. Armour is encouraged. To read more about Lorraine’s experience as a DH rider and a coach visit: http://lorraineblancher.com/  and www.bikemag.com/interviews/now-lorraine-blancher/  Kate White needs no introduction and is the bee’s knees as a coach. Payment by cheque or e-transfer. Please message Heather LeDuc through Facebook or at info@cmbcyukon.ca to ask any questions and to arrange registration by JUNE 15 ASAP.

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CMBC Membership 2014

It’s time, once again, to sign up as a CMBC member.   Why be a member, you ask?  Not only do you get to participate in all of the awesome events we put on but you also get a discount on the 24 Hours of Light registration cost and you get discounts from local sponsors.  Plus, we’re fun.

But one of the most important aspects of membership, that we don’t talk about as much as perhaps we should, is that being a member gives you a voice in the Whitehorse off-cycling community.  CMBC’s mandate is to promote all types of off-road cycling in the Whitehorse area.  We do this by having a strong, engaged membership and by communicating riders’ needs and desires to land owners, governments and other user groups.  We advocate for mountain bikers and participate on a variety of boards such as the City of Whitehorse’s Trails and Greenways Committee.  We spread the truth about and our love for mountain biking to all trail users.  So join us.  Make our voice stronger.


We assume you have a CCN account from last year in these instructions – you will be prompted to create one if you don’t.  The vast majority of you will be purchasing a CMBC membership ($15) and CAY insurance ($35).  This is the membership combination you need to participate in CMBC events and to get the 24HOL discount.  If you just want to support CMBC’s mandate, you will choose the Friend of the Trail category.

  1. Click on the link https://ccnbikes.com/2014-contagious-mountain-bike-club-membership/
  2. Read the awesome details of club membership
  3. Decide if you want to become an insured club member OR a Friend of the Trail
  4. Click the “Join CMBC” button
  5. Create your CCN account or login to your existing account
  6. Create or select the profile of the person joining CMBC (using the dropdown labelled ‘Select’)
  7. Enter your details OR click the ‘Edit’ button to modify the existing profile
  8. Select the Category – club membership or Friend of the Trail

Things behave differently depending on what you select

Club Membership Instructions

  1. If you have not already purchased a CAY membership or UCI license for another club you will be required to do that before your club membership can be purchased.
  2. Click on the Yukon Cycling link that appears in the message under the Club Membership
  3. Enter your personal information, your address, your citizenship in the fields provided
  4. Select the appropriate option from the ‘Select a membership option’ menu
    1. CAY membership – probably the one you want
    2. UCI license – if you don’t know what this is – don’t choose it
    3. Technical License – for coaches and other racer supports – don’t choose this unless you know what it is
  5. Click the ‘Add to Order’ button
  6. Enter the emergency contact and emergency number
  7. Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button
  8. Click the “Continue with Registration’ button
  9. You are now back at the Club Membership purchase (yes, this is a bit confusing)
  10. Click the Club Membership (again)
  11. Click ‘Save Category’ button
  12. Click Add to Cart
  13. Click Checkout
  14. You will now see the CAY/UCI Waiver Screen
    1. Read the waiver (there is a slightly different waiver for youth)
    2. Enter the name of the person the registration is for (this is the same as signing a paper form).
    3. Click ‘I agree to the above’
  15. Complete your purchase ($50 in total for a single individual)

Friend of the Trail Instructions

  1. Click ‘Save Category’ button
  2. Click Add to Cart
  3. Click Checkout
  4. Complete your purchase ($15 in total for a single individual)

Easy peasy!

A few days later you will receive a membership card via email at the email address you registered with. Print it or keep it on your mobile device and present it to get discounts and other benefits from our awesome sponsors!

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Bike Swap 2014


Spring is finally here and it is time for the Bike Swap! Come on out Saturday May 3 at iCycle Sport for the event! This garage sale is where you can sell your bikes or biking equipment. Here’s the deal:
- Selling your bike? Let us do the work for you! Drop it off at 10:30 and we’ll sell it for you. We ask for a 10% donation of the sale price to CMBC. Remember to come by for your cheque or bike at 1:00. Bikes left after 1:30 will be donated to charity.
- Selling gear, bikes, frames, wheels, bike-related stuff? You can do the legwork. Bring your stuff by at 10:45 and set up on a table (provided). You pay $10 for your table space and stay to sell your stuff. Sale ends 1:00.

All proceeds go to 2014 CMBC cycling events, tools, and equipment like the fabulous new wheeled litter to add to the arsenal of safety stuff here in Whitehorse.

We will also have sign-up for Grant’s Clinic at the Swap, and can give you helpful tips on how to register online. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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It’s Simapalooza this weekend

This weekend there will be a snow bike event at Mt. Sima!

poster -Simapalooza snow bike

Any type of bike can be used for this event: fat, DH, XC, BMX – whatever!  It will be a hike up the hill and a timed run down.  Prizes from our awesome local bike shops Cadence and Icycle!  The course will have some jumps/berms on it so it should be a lot of fun.

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED between 12 and 2pm to assist with set up and tear down as well as announcements.  Please contact Joshua de la Salle at delasalle [dot] joshua at gmail  if you can help out.

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Introduction to Mountain Biking Clinic for Adults

CMBC is bringing you another item from our list of the 2014 list of “things we want to do for members.”  This time it’s a mountain biking skills clinic for adults.

We are super stoked that Grant Owen has offered to teach this clinic again this summer. Grant is a former Team Yukon cycling coach and he brings enthusiasm, excellent instruction and a lot of fun to this course.  If we are lucky, he will also be accompanied by our favourite assistant instructor for the clinic.


Participants in the 2013 clinic.
Photo: Julie DesBrisay

This clinic is mainly for beginners and would also benefit people who have been riding for awhile but would like some help mastering some of the more basic skills.

Cost will be $25 per person for the four-week clinic.  You have to be a full cmbc member (online registration and instructions coming soon!), age 20 or older.  Advance registration for the clinic isn’t necessary, just bring $25 to the first session.


Practicing skills in front of the SS Klondike during the 2013 clinic.
Photo: Guillaume Lesvesque

When: Monday nights for four weeks and possibly 5: May 12, 19 [this is the possible extra session], 26, June 2, and June 9 2014; 6:30-8:30pm
Where: Meet on the grass in front of the SS Klondike. On day 1 meet at 6pm
Bring: Proof of cmbc membership, $25, a mountain bike, a helmet and a sense of adventure.

If you have questions, send them to info@cmbcyukon.ca

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