Slamfest – this weekend!

If you haven’t heard yet, Sima Slamfest is back again this year!

















Sima is open for mountain biking on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend but on Sunday September 14th the Slamfest race is also happening.

Adults and kids are encouraged to come out and race.  The youth course will be on either Loamy or Pokey Back and the expert adult run will be down the main downhill track.  CMBC members pay $20 for the lift ticket and $15 for the race, non-members pay $30 for the lift ticket and $15 for the race.  All proceeds go to Mt Sima.  There will be award and door prizes post-race.

Registration is from 10:30am-12 noon and race starts at 2pm.

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Trail Fairy Award


Trail fairy sculpture by Robin Wight, Fantasywire. Photo from his facebook page.

This season, as with last season, we will be awarding someone in the community the Trail Fairy Award.  Have you been working your butt off building or maintaining trails this season?  Or do you know someone who has?  Make sure you let us know.

Some words word from our Trails Director and club president:

Karl: “Hi all, thanks again for all the work you have done to keep our trails free of trees this year, it’s been amazing! The newer, less glorious, task is cutting back the brush that is creeping in on our trails and slapping us in the face. I would like to challenge you all to take some time and cut some small sections of trail when you come upon a spot that needs work. We’ve decided to start up the Trail Fairy Award again to try and get some more people off their bikes cutting brush till the end of the season. So what we’d like you to do is carry a small set of clippers with you and post [on the CMBC facebook page or send us an email]  whenever you have taken the time to cut some brush on a section of trail and we will consider your name for a Trail Fairy Award at the end of the season.”

Sierra: “Trail building and maintenance has an enormously high rate of return. The hours you spend out on the trail will result in endless hours of biking fun.  It’s also a good work out. We are bikers, our legs are strong from hours of pedaling, but let’s face it our arms are weak and pathetic. Most of us can only barely manage to get a beer from counter to mouth before exhausting ourselves. We could use a little upper body work out.  PLUS, it’s good bike karma.  If you give the trails your love, they will give it right back to you.”

We know that there are lots of you out there doing work on new trails as well as maintaining those that have already been built.  But we also know that a lot of this work is done without much fanfare and without many people knowing about it.  We would like to highlight the efforts of all the great trail stewards out there so let us know who has been doing awesome work this season.  If you would like to nominate someone for the Trail Fairy Award, please send us their name and a short (less than 250 words – a sentence or two can be enough) description of what that person has done to be be named this year’s trail fairy.  Submissions can be sent to our cmbc email until September 30th.  We will announce the winner at our AGM in October.

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King of the (Rocky) Canyon – Coronation

We have a new Mountain Bike Royal Court after another successful King of the Canyon race.

King of the Canyon: Craig Machtans
Queen of the Canyon: Kristenn Magnusson
Prince of the Canyon (short course): Fabien Florentin
Princess of the Canyon (short course): Miriam Lukszova

Winner of the hot lap prime: Jonathan Kerr
U-17 winner: Ian Hansen


2014 Yukon MTB Champs! The winners are real, the photo only partly so (yes, I badly photo-shopped Fabien in).

It was a great day of racing on a tough course that unfortunately ended in rain and with a few racers missing a crucial point on the course that we could have flagged more clearly. Kudos to all racers for dealing with that with class and respect.

In addition to the winners, three shout outs for awesome performances today to go:

1.  Daniel Phillips-Freedman who, at the age of 8, had a great race and finished the 25km course in a time of just over 3 hours.
2.  Meagan Wilson and Sammy Salter who made the Queen race super fun to watch by pushing KMag right to the end.
3.  Dan Bedard, our red lantern winner and Kris Gardner who helped him change his flat.

Thank you again to all the volunteers – those who committed in advance and those who helped immensely on the day of: Kristenn Magnusson, Sammy Salter, Jonathan Kerr, Marcus Watterreus, Evan Wise, Jeremie Matrishon, Valérie Girard, Mario Villeneuve, Kris Gardner, Guillaume Levesque, Steve Hahn, Margi Paszkowska, Tamara Goeppel, David Pharand, Monika Melnychuk, Cara Lee, Lake Apted, and everyone else I’ve very likely forgotten.  Big thanks as well to the City of Whitehorse for setting up the fire pit and the recycling station.  Even bigger thanks to the Whitehorse Hash House Harriers who ran the busy and, I understand popular, aid station at the Crossroads junction.  Honestly, these events can’t run without people willing to lend and hand and everyone was amazing today.

Full results are below.

Long course:

Name Lap 1 Finish time
1 Craig Machtans 1:08:00 2:48:33
2 Jonathan Kerr 1:11:00 2:55:03
3 Thane Phillips 1:08:00 2:57:11
4 Aaron Foos 1:08:00 3:00:45
5 Kristenn Magnusson 1:18:00 3:11:04
6 Meagan Wilson 1:16:00 3:12:02
7 Sammy Salter 1:19:00 3:16:11
8 Scott Kerby 1:16:00 3:20:44
9 Jeni Rudisill 1:26:00 3:43:42
10 Evan Wise 1:17:00 3:43:50
10 Geof Harries 1:33:00 3:43:50
12 Kris Gardner 1:57:00 5:07:24
13 Dan Bedard 1:51:00 5:07:30
Finn Matrishon 1:15:00 2:34:00 DQ
David Gonda 1:02:00 2:38:37 DQ
Jonah Clark 1:02:00 2:44:00 DQ
Chip Paldy 1:15:00 DNF
Jonathan Zender 1:17:00 DNF
Mario Villeneuve 1:42:00 DNF

Short course:

Name Finish time
1 Fabien Florentin 1:36:24
2 Chris Rider 1:41:40
3 Steve Coventry 1:44:53
4 Miriam Lukszova 1:50:52
5 Lance Scoville 1:59:00
6 Kirsten Hogan 2:01:15
7 Sara Burke-Forsyth 2:06:35
8 Kristina Mercs 2:08:49
9 Sandro Holzinger 2:08:50
10 Ian Hansen 2:34:30
11 Tammy Reis 2:34:40
12 Daniel Phillips-Freedman 3:09:52
13 Ross Phillips 3:09:54
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King of the (Rocky) Canyon

Just two more sleeps until the 2014 King of the Canyon race!  Here’s everything you need to know for Sunday.

The course this year is at Mt McIntyre, which is why we are calling the race King of the Rocky Canyon.  The long course (King/Queen) is approximately 45km.  The short course (Prince/Princess) is approximately 25km.  You can see the routes on the map below and yes, I have demonstrated my best MS Paint skills here.

All riders will start at the Dirt N’ Soul bike park.  Because so much of the course is singletrack this year (90% ish) we will be having a hot lap on mostly double track right at the start so that we separate out riders.  Riders will circle the dirt jump park and come back through the start, hopefully to cheering fans and high fives.  On the map, this starting lap is marked in red.  From there, everyone heads off to Can-Can and Porcupine Ridge.

In the spirit of honesty and being able to laugh at myself, I have to tell you that I thought this lap was being referred to as the “preen” lap by our chief of course, Kristenn.  You know, an opportunity for racers to swing by spectators and present themselves looking fine and going fast.  I loved the idea of Yukon racers as peacocks riding proudly through the dirt jump park.  But no.  It’s a hot lap “prime” (pronounced preem) and I should have known better.  We will award some sort of prize to the rider that wins this starting lap.

The big picture is that the course is essentially made up of two loops.  The “A” loop is the loop that is closer to Dirt Jump Park (ie. more North), and the “B” loop is further out (ie. more South), and the loops are ridden in roughly a figure 8 pattern.  The long course riders will do loop A, then B, then A whereas the short course riders will do loop B and then loop A (minus a few trails).  An easy way to think about it is that the short course riders will go out to Hawk Ridge first whereas the long course riders have to ride the 24 hour trail first. The course is well marked and we will have marshals at the two choice points for long/short courses.

MtMac Planning map _koc_bothcourses_2014


You don’t have to be an insured cmbc member to participate but, if you are, this race will only cost you $5.  Non-members pay $20 to cover the cost of event insurance.  Everyone is welcome.

Registration runs from 11am-11:45am and race start is noon.  There will be a BBQ after and we will crown the winners and award some prizes once all of the riders come in.

Hope to see lots of you there!

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Trail Building Day in Carcross

Remember waaaaay back in March when we won $12,000 to put towards trail building in Carcross?  Well, that money has been put to good use this summer with the uptrack on Montana Mountain being almost complete as I type this post.

The Carcross crew has been working hard and we would like to show them how much their work is appreciated and how we want to get even more work done out there this summer.  To that end, CMBC is organizing a trail building day on Monday August 18th. We would like to get as many people as possible out helping the crew with their work and contributing to the Montana Mountain trail network. It will be a chance to meet some of the youth who have been working on the trails this year and, if you haven’t built or maintained trail before, it’s a good way to understand how much work it takes to build even a few metres! Come be a trail fairy for the day. Wings optional. Here are the details:

Meet at the Carcross Commons Pavillion at 10am on Monday August 18th.  Yes, that’s the holiday Monday here in the Yukon. Bring a sturdy pair of boots, gloves and some food and water to get you through the day. If you happen to have a favourite rake, pulaski or other hand tool bring that too, but it’s not a requirement. There will be a BBQ to feed you at the end of the day.

You know it’s good karma. Hope to see lots of you there!

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CMBC T-shirts

For those of you not tuned in to our facebook account, this is a quick announcement to let you know that CMBC t-shirts have arrived!

From design idea:                                                  to reality:










These shirts can now be purchased from board member Kris.  Contact her through our facebook page or send the club an email and I’ll put the two of you in touch.  Pick up options are at the Dirt Girls ride on Tuesday, at EBA where Kris works, or downtown during work hours by arrangement.

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Yukon Dirt Rush Series

Did you know that the Yukon’s August long weekend commemorates the anniversary of the discovery of gold in 1896, which started the Klondike Gold Rush?


Now THAT’S a gold nugget! Photo credit: Yukon Archives, Anton Vogee fonds, #119

One hundred and eighteen years later the Yukon Dirt Rush is on and these races will be golden!  Come to one, two or all three of these events that put bikes front and centre over two weekends in August.


Saturday August 16th features an enduro race in Carcross on some of Montana Mountain’s best trails.  All riders are welcome but if you aren’t feeling up for the race aspect of the weekend, come for the festival.  Lots of great food, social rides and fun await. Camping will be available on a first come, first served basis in the Carcross campground.

Saturday August 23rd will be the Canyon Mountain Crusher – another enduro race but this one will take place in Whitehorse on Grey (or Canyon) Mountain and Mount McIntyre. There will be intermediate and advanced course options to accommodate as many riding abilities as possible.  A post-race BBQ and awards/results will be held at Icycle Sport at 6pm.  The after-party and fundraiser for the Carcross Singletrack to Success project that was originally scheduled for after the enduro has been rescheduled for a date in September.  Stay tuned for more details.*

Advance registration is required for both of these events and registration is limited to 40 riders for the Whitehorse race.

Sunday August 24th will be the date for the Yukon Mountain Bike Championships, affectionately known as the King of the Canyon.  Because we are moving the race over to Mt McIntyre, the race will be known as King of the (Rocky) Canyon this year.  But worry not – the same awesome spirit of xc racing all over the mountain to determine our royal court will still take place.  There will be short and long course options starting from the Dirt N’ Soul bike park at noon.  In addition to crowning territorial champs this race will also serve as the third jewel in the Dirt Rush series crown.  There will be a prize for the overall winner of all three events – provided you ride all three on the same bike.  Registration takes place on site between 11am-11:45am.  Race starts at noon.  In order to get an official time, we require racers to be there by 11:30am to fill out forms and pick up your timing chip.  BBQ to follow the race.

Stay tuned to the Dirt Rush website and cmbc’s facebook page for additional details.  As always these events need volunteers to make them a success.  If you think you can grill a mean burger or offer up your services as a course marshall or sweep please contact Jenn at

* Edited August 21

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Ride dates at Mt Sima for 2014
























Get ready to ride!  July 19th is the first day Mt Sima is open to mountain bikers this season.  If you are a CMBC member you get a great discount on the price of the lift ticket so come on out and enjoy some chairlift assisted DH riding this summer!

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Four Race Series to start July 23

Yukon Brewing Twoonie Races are back!  Tune yourself up for the upcoming Dirt Rush series and especially for this year’s King of the Canyon mountain bike championships by coming out and testing yourself on these courses.

Races will alternate between the Chadburn and Mt McIntyre loops that have been used in previous years and, as always, all levels of ability are welcome and encouraged.  No matter how fast you ride, a race is always a great opportunity to push yourself to see if you can go just that little bit faster.


Racing on the Mt Mac trails – 2011

All of the details and dates are in the Event Calendar and you can find course maps and more information under the Races tab on our website.   First race: July 23 at the Chadburn Lake Ski Trails.  Because it is a lap format, no dogs will be allowed on course.

Hope to see you all out there!

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All the details you need for this year’s 24 Hours of Light


Only four more sleeps until this year’s 24 Hours of Light Mountain Bike Festival!  If you haven’t been following the facebook page for the event there are some important things you need to know.

First of all, the event this year is in a new location!  We will be basing the fun out of the Biathlon Yukon facility on Grey Mountain.  Yes, you can still camp onsite if you need to catch a few zzzz’s as the 24 hours wear on but we still encourage staying up and riding/hanging out all night long.

The Yukon way may be to sign up for things at the last minute but we would REALLY appreciate it if you could register as soon as possible.  Remember that one of the benefits of being a cmbc member is that you get $25 off the entry fee.  By asking you to register in advance we aren’t trying to be uptight; we’re just trying to organize a pretty big event and make it all run smoothly.  Knowing how many people we are going to have helps us put together race packages, timing lists and generally know what to expect.  So get your team together and register!  Registration closes at MIDNIGHT (23:59pm) on Thursday June 26th.  Super-whiners can beg for late registration at Friday’s captains’ meeting but you will have to endure some good-natured humiliation and an extra fee.

Captains’ meeting is at 7pm on Friday at the Biathlon Parking area on Grey Mountain Road.  There will be signs.  One person per team is to attend.  Snacks and beverages will be provided.  This is where you pick up your race package.

The course is just over 11km.  You can see it on Strava here.  It is a loop that includes Yellow Brick Road, Magnusson Green, Woodcutter’s Road, Midtown Boogaloo, Go-T and Mother-Tucker.  Not only do we have the regular race this year but we also have an under-17 race and a run bike race for the littlest rippers.  $60 for U17 and $5 for the run bike.  Run bikers and their parents can show up and pay cash; U17 need to register in advance just like the big kids.

We have a bunch of really great prizes and sponsors this year.  If you are keen on winning awesome stuff, you can do so by winning the solo (men and women) division, by having the best costume, by being the team with the most laps, or by volunteering.  To be honest, there will be other fabulous random prizes awarded too but if you come to compete, we will reward you.

For thirsty riders or for thirsty spectators, there will be a beer garden at this year’s festival.  Come and enjoy a beverage starting at 6pm.

We have awesome 24HOL jerseys for sale too!  Designed by local but internationally successful artist Monika Melnychuk there are a limited number of these available. $100. Come on – how cute is the caribou on the sleeve?!


Other stuffs:

  • Race is noon-noon.
  • Run bike race is at 3:30pm.
  • Bring your own bowl/utensils to help make the event as green as we can.
  • There will be free coffee onsite so bring your own mug.
  • BBQ at 10pm and breakfast at 8am but bring enough to sustain yourself for 24 hours.
  • Costumes encouraged and a prize will be awarded for the best.
  • Bring cash for the fish n’ chips truck as well as the beer garden.
  • Parking is limited. Carpool if you can, bike up, or have someone drop you off if possible.
  • Bring your own water.
  • No dogs.
  • No lights.
  • No complaining.

It’s going to be another crazy-fun year of 24 hour racing in the Yukon.  See you Saturday!

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