Trailforks from Pinkbike

With spring on the way we wanted to share a relatively new tool with you all.

Trailforks ( is a crowd-sourced trail database and management tool that relies on the increasing number of mountain bikers tracking their rides with GPS devices. The website allows members to compare their rides and share information about trail conditions, and seems like a more systematic way to monitor our growing trail system than our trusty Facebook group (although the FB group isn’t going anywhere, don’t worry!). Trailforks will also hopefully serve new comers and tourists who want check out our trail system before they arrive.

Also – if you are traveling to a different region for a mountain bike adventure you may want to check out Trailforks for maps and route info in that area – keep it in mind!

Trailforks is owned by Pinkbike so you have to be a member of Pinkbike to post on the website, but you can cruise around the website without being a member to see if you are interested in using it first. Happy trails!

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Fat Bike at Mt. Sima this weekend during Simapalooza!

Simapalooza is on this weekend at Mt. Sima and it’s the very last weekend of skiing/snowboarding out there for the season!  There are lots of events and good times planned for the weekend and we just got word that there will be a 1km Fat Bike loop of trail (packed and marked) for anyone who wants to check it out, free of charge!  Just bring your fat bike, 10-4pm Saturday and Sunday and enjoy a ride and all the other  festivities!

(note: this is not a CMBC event, membership and insurance do not apply)








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Have you ever wanted to take a mountain bike trip with Sacred Rides?

CMBC sponsor Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures is extending a 30% discount to one lucky member of CMBC.

If you’d like to be the one who gets this fantastic deal, send an email to by May 1, 2015 and tell us why you should be the lucky recipient.

Choose from any of their Women’s Rides ( or their Explorer Rides (

The lucky CMBC winning member must be open to sharing 20 high resolution photos from the life-affirming mountain bike adventure, and a short description of each photo.

Deadline for booking a trip: May 7, 2015.

(Don’t forget, Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures offers all CMBC members a 5% discount. Simply enter the Promo Code: cmbc at the time of booking.)

For more information on Sacred Rides, contact:

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Carcross Fat Bike Gran Fondo!

This Sunday (March 22,2015) CMBC is hosting it’s newest event, the Carcross Fat Bike Gran Fondo!!

The event is a fun supported point-to-point ride along a rail-grade snow packed trail that follows the WP&YR railway from Lewes Lake to Carcross.  There is a half course option for those who prefer a shorter distance.

Event start is 11am!  It is advised to leave a car in Carcross and car-pool back to Boréale Ranch for parking and then pedal to the start at Lewes Lake.

Participants must be CMBC Members and the entry fee for the event is $15, which includes some yummy goodness at Caribou Coffee in Carcross at the finish!

Look for more info on the Facebook event page “Carcross Fat Bike Gran Fondo”…


Click here for more info on the Carcross Fat Bike Gran Fondo!

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Club Membership for 2015

Hey everyone, it’s time to get your 2015 CMBC membership!

We’re using CCN online registration again this year and it’s better, smoother and faster than it was before! Yay!

2015 memberships are only $15 and you don’t have to purchase insurance to participate in events!* YAY!

Membership is good for: races, recreational events, advocacy, trail-building and maintenance, discounts from sponsors (local bike and beer businesses, Sacred Rides and more), skills classes etc.  Heck, it’s probably good for karma, too.

Follow this link and in minutes you’ll be a 2015 CMBC member!

A big shout out to Evan Wise for coordinating with CNN!

* Note that events fees will be going up slightly to cover event insurance
** If you have problems with registration (and you probably won’t), CCN provides support (contact info on the registration site)

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4th Annual 5+ Hours of Light

The winter solstice is almost here and you know what that means!  It’s time for the 5+ Hours of Light Fat Bike Festival!    This fun event celebrates fat bikes and the shortest day of the year.  Because we use the awesome facilities at Biathlon Yukon, this year we are gong to be bisportual and offer a xc ski loop as part of the event.  You can ride your bike OR skate the beautiful groomed trails of biathlon OR do a bit of both.  Ride/ski as much or as little as you want and come join us at any point during the day.

Same rules as 24 Hours of Light – NO ARTIFICIAL LIGHTS and no dogs please.

If, at 9am on the morning of the event, Environment Canada is showing -28C or colder, the race will be postponed.

What you need to know:
Date: Saturday December 20, 2014
Time: Registration 9:30am, race start is at sunrise
Location: Start and finish is at Biathlon Yukon in the Bears’ Den (Grey Mountain Road)
Cost: $15

The bike course will be similar to last year (from the biathlon range, down Yellow Brick Road, Magnusson trails, Woodcutter’s, Boogaloos).  The ski course will be red trail in the biathlon range.  If you can help us out this week, some snowshoes or bike tires on the little section between Boogaloo Heights and Red (the connector between the cabins) needs some love.  So too does Woodcutter’s from Green to Yellow Brick.

There will be delicious snacks available and something hot to drink.  Please bring your own water, mugs and bowls so we create less garbage please!

December 19th Update:
* Listen to a CBC Yukon interview about the event.
* Check out the course map, kindly provided by Paul Gowdie:


More information will be posted on our facebook event page.

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Snowbiking at Mt. Mac

CMBC has met with the WCCSC board and renewed the Memorandum of Understanding  for winter biking.  Once again, fat bikers will be able to cross ski trails in order to access the singletrack network.  Please be mindful of our guidelines:

  1. If you would like to use the Mt. McIntyre Recreational Center and its amenities (including sauna, washrooms, etc.) please purchase a day pass OR be a member of WCCSC.
  2. Purpose built snow bikes only please! Both tires must be wider than 3.7”.  Absolutely no regular mountain bikes.
  3. Snow bikes yield to skiers at crossings.
  4. Stay on snow bike designated trails.  DO NOT ride on any ski trails.  Ski trails should only be crossed in order to access singletrack.
  5. Dogs are allowed only on Porcupine Ridge and the Hawk Ridge loop. Snow bikes can access Porcupine via the new Mt Mac connector from Copper Ridge.
  6. When crossing ski trails, stay on your bike.  Do not walk across ski trails, this will leave punctures.  Do not stop on ski trails.  If you are waiting for colleagues, please wait on the singletrack.
  7. All trails are bi-directional.  Keep your eyes and ears open for users that may be travelling towards you.

And, most importantly, Be an ambassador for the sport – stay polite, educate other bikers, discourage bad behavior, follow the rules, and we’ll all have a good time this winter.

To Access Trails:

  • Start in the Dirt Park
  • Climb up through the Dirt Park
  • Turn RIGHT on Olympic, stay on the OUTSIDE of the ski tracks.
  • Look to your LEFT there is a singletrack that cuts past the stunts.  Cross onto that singletrack
  • Climb towards the 5 km (you will be parallel to Nighthawk)
  • Cross the 5 km
  • Climb on either singletrack (left is more gradual than right)
  • Cross the 7.5 km
  • Continue on any of the many options with-in this area of trails, including Lower/Upper Rocky Canyon, Lichen It, etc.
  • You can stay on any trail, but do NOT cross or ride on any other ski trails.


Use the Copper Ridge Connector to access Porcupine Ridge.  You are allowed to cross the ski trail at Hawk Ridge at Best Chance Corner and along Copper.

Access to/from Collective:

If you are accessing Collective, please use EXTREME CAUTION due to Bridge

  • When entering Collective, cross the 7.5 km Trail.  Stay on the OUTSIDE of the ski trails and go directly to the Collective entrance.
  • When exiting Collective, say on the OUTSIDE of the ski trails, and cross the 7.5 km Trail at the Rocky Canyon entrance.

This map, on the WCCSC website provides a visual representation of the singletrack (yellow) referred to:



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Winter Riding at Mt Mac

Winter is here and the Whitehorse Cross-Country Ski Club has started packing trails at Mt. McIntyre for skiing. Please stay off the ski trails on your bikes. CMBC is working with the ski club to establish a winter bike Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for using the singletrack and we will be sharing the results of that as soon as it is finalized. In the meantime, CMBC is asking that mountain bikers be respectful of the ski club trails. This respect is instrumental in our ability to work with the ski club. Don’t be the jerk who ruins it for everyone.

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AGM – October 25th

It’s been one heck of a season… $10,000 bucks for a Yukon trail, 3 weekends of chairlift assisted downhill riding, an amazing enduro series, and a packing program for a winter fatbike race. To wrap it all up, we will be holding out Annual General Meeting at 6pm on October 25th at Association Franco-Yukonnaise. This year we will be combining our bureaucratic/societies obligations with a wicked end of year party for all you mountain bikers. You may remember last year’s small bike 4-cross World Cup race at the AGM?

Women’s small bike race at the 2013 AGM

Fairly hilarious.  So please consider coming out and celebrating with all of us.  We will include some fun in the evening as well as the societies stuff.

We are looking for board members for the 2014-15 season.  Contact CMBC President Sierra Van der Meer if you are interested in learning more.

And last, but not least, we will be seeking to pass a special resolution to forego the audit requirement for the 2013/14 fiscal year. With the Mountain Equipment Co-op Dirt Search winnings, collected on behalf of CTFN’s Singletrack to Success program, we will be crossing the threshold in which Yukon Societies Act requires an audit. We will be asking our members to agree to waive this requirement.

You can read previous AGM Minutes under the About CMBC tab.

More details will follow!

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All the last minute details for tomorrow’s cx race

Tomorrow’s CMBC Cyclocross Race schedule:

Race base is Mt.Mac Wax Room.
Come and register any time after 11:45am. Wax room will be open to keep you warm and dry!
Bring cash. Cost is $5 for CMBC members, $10 for non-members.

To race in the 1pm Sport (30min) course, you must register by 12:45.
To race in the 2pm Expert (60min) course, you must register by 1:45pm.

The course will be open for pre-riding from 12-1pm and from 1:30-2pm.
Ride at least 1 full lap before your race!

Come on out and have fun!, Ride or Cheer or both!!

Thank you to Yukon Brewing for the sponsorship!! 

The Wax Room will have showers and saunas available. Warm drinks will be available. Please be kind and remove muddy/wet shoes before entering the Wax Room, thank-you!

If you have’t seen it yet, here’s a little parody about performance enhancing substances! (and yes, that is MTB world champ Catherine Pendrel taking a bacon hand-up!) Rumor has it there might be some bacon hand-ups tomorrow at our very own Mt.Mac cyclocross race!!  This is going to be fun, peeps, hope to see you there!  Remember – costumes and fun are encouraged!

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